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Hi, I'm Allison Ortiz 

Originating from a background in diagnostic imaging, my approach to product design is characterized by a strong emphasis on systems thinking, meticulous analysis, and effective problem-solving. In my previous role performing ultrasounds, I became adept at examining various system components and interactions to provide data for accurate diagnoses that led to effective treatments.

This skillset naturally extends to my UX design approach, where I use the same analytical thinking to create comprehensive solutions. Whether it's a product, service, or experience, I thoroughly analyze the interconnected elements, understanding how changes in one aspect can affect the entire system.

Additionally, my experience has developed my attention to detail and dedication to rigorous analysis. I believe in examining every aspect of a framework, ensuring that I account for all relevant factors and their interrelationships.



UX/UI Design
Design Thinking
Visual Design
Design Systems
Web and Mobile UI


UX/Product Strategy

User Research
Human-Centric Design
Competitive Analysis

Rapid Prototyping
Product Strategy

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