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Building a responsive website for precision machining company



Client Responsive Website


Product Designer


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2 Weeks


My client, RVO Manufacturing, is a privately held company operating in the oil and gas industry, specializing in providing manufacturing, machining, and repair services. As they strive to expand their business, one notable challenge they face is the absence of a fully functional website. This lack of an online presence may result in missed opportunities for customer acquisition and hinder their ability to compete with other industry players who have a strong online foothold.


I created a responsive website that serves as a platform to benefit the company by increasing visibility, attracting new customers, and enhancing their competitiveness in the industry.

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Inside the Oil & Gas Industry

Unveiling Hierarchies

During the competitive analysis phase of the project, I first delved into extensive research on the oil and gas manufacturing industry. My initial approach during market research was to explore companies across different tiers, which essentially represent various scales of operations and market presence.

By categorizing companies into these tiers, my intention was to capture the diverse range of businesses operating in the oil and gas manufacturing sector. This provided a deeper understanding of the industry, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of each company's unique strengths and weaknesses within their respective tiers.


Narrowing the Focus

To gain a better understanding of the competition and inform my design strategy, I took a focused approach by analyzing the websites of direct competitors of RVO Manufacturing in the industry. This analysis proved to be a crucial benchmark, enabling me to pinpoint opportunities for setting my client apart from the competition and enhancing their website's design and development.

Fueling Insights

To familiarize myself with the wants and needs of RVO Manufacturing’s target audience. I conducted user interviews with five individuals who currently work in the oil & gas industry. The following outlines the key challenges participants face when partnering with service providers:


Minds of Industry Professionals

Using the valuable insights gathered,I developed a focused persona representing the primary audience for companies like RVO Manufacturing. This persona encapsulates the characteristics of engineers, project managers, and other decision-makers involved in the procurement of manufacturing, machining, and repair services within the oil and gas exploration, extraction, and production sector.


Manufacturing Dynamics

To ensure the successful development of a website for my client, it was important to have a clear understanding of the various stages and players involved. To achieve this, I created a journey map that provides a complete overview of the entire process. The purpose of this map is to analyze each stage of the manufacturing journey, offering valuable insights and promoting a thorough understanding of the industry's dynamics.

Research Findings

In the highly competitive oil and gas manufacturing industry, large multinational corporations dominate the market with their strong presence. However, smaller players can still succeed by establishing their unique digital footprint and showcasing their specialized areas of expertise amidst the competition.

Meanwhile, professionals working in the oil and gas industry face challenges when it comes to finding reliable service providers who can cater to their specialized needs. Navigating complex logistics, ensuring high-quality standards, and managing tight schedules are essential aspects of their search for dependable service providers. These factors play a crucial role in establishing strong and reliable partnerships.

Major Insights



Designing a Harmonious Solution

Balancing Business & User Needs

In my effort to reconcile business and user needs, I relied on MOSCOW analysis as my guiding framework for feature selection. By utilizing this analysis, I was able to align the key goals of the business with the specific requirements of the users. As a result, I developed a strategy that catered to both sets of objectives.


Restructuring for Growth

When organizing the website's structure, I considered competitive analysis, client requirements, and user convenience. Initially, I did not include a careers page, but as the development progressed, I had an important revelation. After reassessing the competitive landscape and engaging in detailed discussions with the client, it became evident that integrating a dedicated space for job seekers was absolutely essential. This addition not only aligns with industry norms but also serves as a strategic step to effectively fulfill the client's objectives.

Low-Fidelity Desktop Wireframes


Low-Fidelity Mobile Wireframes


Low-Fidelity Desktop Wireframes


Mid-Fidelity Desktop Wireframes

Branding to Embody Credibility

Leveraging Logo Symbolism

I took my client's existing logo, which featured a gold elephant, as a starting point. The logo symbolized strength, wisdom, and reliability, and I wanted to bring these qualities to life in the design. The color palette of gold, black, and white established a strong and distinctive visual identity, with gold adding elegance and prosperity, black representing power and sophistication, and white bringing clarity and transparency. The cohesive palette reinforced the brand's identity and positioned the company as a trustworthy leader in the industry.


Improving Typography & Ethos

In collaboration with the client to refine their visual identity, we initiated a strategic typography shift. Recognizing the need for improvement, I recommended Rubik as a complementary typeface to the refined color palette, differentiating the brand from competitors. Rubik's geometric and friendly characteristics elevated visual impact and aligned closely with the brand's core values of strength, wisdom, and reliability.



I developed a website that showcases the client's expertise while prioritizing the needs of both the users and the client, amplifying industry credibility and driving business growth.

Streamlining Customer Acquisition

Integrated Contact Forms & Clear Calls-to Action

To facilitate the acquisition process, contact forms and clear calls-to-action were strategically integrated throughout the website at key touch-points. By placing contact forms on important pages and optimizing their design, potential customers can conveniently express their interest and reach out to the company .

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Establishing Trust and Leadership

Expertise, Certifications, & Company Values

To establish the client as a knowledgeable and experienced service provider, their industry expertise, certifications and values were showcased on their website. This emphasis on reinforces RVO Manufacturing's reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the oil and gas manufacturing industry.

Navigating Transparency

Concise & Clear Service Offerings

Transparency is fostered through clear and concise service offerings on the website, complemented by clickable buttons for more detailed information brochures. This design approach maintains a clean UI while allowing users to access additional insights when desired, facilitating seamless navigation.

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Improving Recruitment Initiatives

Employment Opportunities & Application

Enhancing the application process and offering a seamless candidate experience, the dedicated careers page with a downloadable job application optimizes recruitment efforts by providing job seekers with convenient access to employment opportunities within the company.


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Using a tailored approach, I conducted moderated usability tests with the select group of five oil and gas professionals. By customizing the testing process to their specific roles and requirements, I ensured that the feedback gathered was highly relevant and insightful.

Users appreciated the visually appealing nature of the website, including the high-quality images and branding. One user remarked, "It's visually engaging and gives off a sense of professionalism for RVO Manufacturing." Another noted, "The website's design and appearance caught my attention as soon as I arrived on the page." A third user added, "The commitment to aesthetics truly shines through."

Participants also expressed that the website would be incredibly helpful when they were in a hurry or had time constraints. One user stated, "I appreciate being able to quickly understand their capabilities without getting lost in technical jargon." Another said, "Having the contact form on each service page is definitely a time-saver.”

Concerns Icon.png

User Concern

Participants mentioned they didn’t like the layout of the services page. They  would prefer each service to have their own dedicated page.

Mods Icon.png


I created a separate page for each of the services in addition to a page with an overview page, allowing users to quickly navigate each option.

Concerns Icon.png

User Concern

Participants had to reread the instructions on how to email the job application. They found the instructions required additional effort to comprehend.

Mods Icon.png


I changed the original paragraph-style instructions into a concise and visually organized bullet list to alleviate confusion.

Concerns Icon.png

User Concern

Participants were unsure whether the form was solely for requesting a quote or if it could be used for general inquiries as well.

Mods Icon.png


I included a brief description above the form, explaining its versatility and encouraging users to reach out for any questions they may have.


Final Prototype


Key Takeaways

I learned the importance of conducting in-depth and thorough research. Though I had limited prior knowledge of this intricate field, I delved deeply into research and collaborated with professionals in the industry. This process provided valuable insights into the complexities of precision machining and the specific requirements of the oil and gas sector. Moreover, I acquired the skill of presenting complex technical information in clear, accessible content, ensuring that users could easily comprehend and engage with the website.

Next Steps

I will be developing the website for my client using the Wix platform. As part of the process, I will engage the client and key stakeholders in a comprehensive user acceptance testing phase. This will involve providing them with the opportunity to thoroughly review and interact with the final version of the website. I will actively seek their valuable feedback and approval before proceeding with the go-live process. Furthermore, I will ensure that all the content, including images, videos, and documents, is optimized and prepared for seamless integration onto the website.


Mobile App Feature Integration


Mobile Website Design
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